M. Lamberigts & A. Van Daelen NV was founded in 1961 by mr.Mathieu Lamberigts when he acquired the shares of A. van Daelen , a company which
saw the light back in 1948. In 1991, Mr. Philippe Goossens becomes the owner of 100 % of the company shares. As from this very moment, he accepts the duties and responsibilities as the CEO of the company.

Our primary goal is to facilitate all port-related activities in favor of its users being companies who are involved into ex-or import – businesses.
Our focal points are concentrated towards the ports of Antwerpen, Zeebrugge and Rotterdam.

Indeed, today’s logistics requires more than ever relevant certifications, insurances, licenses and an in-depth understanding of
relevant procedures who become more and more complex.

We do not have the ambition to become a major, multinational organization. However, we like to think that pour performances are quite similar since we benefit of a worldwide network of proven and trusted agents with whom we maintain long-lasting and professional relationships.

We profoundly believe in a personal service : every customer has its own and very specific requirements.
A relationship based upon trust and understanding remains key, even in a fast- changing and digitalized environment.
The reliable documentary flow – an often underestimated aspect in logistics – remains of utmost importance.

Finally : our customers must be able to rely on their logistics provider at all times, even when the latter are complicated.

Our Services