Agent network

Being an “architect in transportation”, our mission is to have every aspect under control.
One of these important aspects is to know what happens at destination or at the origin of your goods.
In order to maintain the initiative, we dispose of a reliable network of agents worldwide.
They share the same criteria with us : enthusiasm and knowing all about your cargo be it a container, a huge
dump truck or a pallet.
The worldwide “door-to-door-concept” is a reality thanks to our membership at the prestigious “The Heavy Lift Group”.
THLG is a worldwide-based group of independent forwarding agents that are focused on breakbulk and containerized shipments.
Indeed, their knowledge and interest goes primarily from industrial projects to handling, chartering, barging and containerized shipping.

If support is required, even in the most remote places on one of the 5 continents, we will be of valuable assistance.