In an increasingly number of cases we see that customs formalities are combined with the inland trucking aspect.
Particularly the import flows do require a careful coordination between their customs formalities and pick-up from ship’s berth.
An all too early pick-up – even completely involuntary – of uncleared goods will result in fines and other unpleasant surprises.
Since we would be in control of the trucking combined with the clearance, the liabilities are automatically deferred onto ourselves,
enabling our principals to concentrate on what really matters for them: increased sales and a reliable customer service.

A non-neglectable added value of our trucking service is that in case of a clearance with fiscal representation , our principals do not
need to worry about the CMR which the customs authorities require for every delivery under such a procedure.

We exclusively cooperate with long-term partners who have proven their reliability and cost effectiveness in many ways.